MEZCO Toys Gus Burnt Face Review/Analysis

I love Breaking Bad with a passion, I honestly think that is obvious. I was so very sad to see such an amazing show to come to an end so quickly…But it had too. RIP Love of My Life

Before I get into this review, I would just like to say that it CONTAINS MASSIVE SPOILERS. This is just a friendly warning to those of you who haven’t watched Breaking Bad just yet. So, without further or due, let’s check out what Mezco has brought to the table this time.

I have collected every single Breaking Bad figure released by Mezco, every single variant and repaint. It was only a matter of time until they would release Gus with his burnt face. Luckily, they did an amazing job! I was so very surprised when I first took this bad-ass out of his shipping box because I was not expecting such an intricate and highly detailed box. The box itself comes with a transparent cover with a beautiful art-like piece of Gus’s face on the front. What makes this interpretation of him so unique is the art work that he represents. It kind of reminds me of a cartoon version of him which really brings that sense of contrast to the character himself and his unfortunate ending. Immediately after removing this cover we find the box itself with yet another beautiful piece of art on the front. This time, we receive a wonderful cartoon-like impression of Gus in his final moments of life. The detail put into this picture is definitely something, it really shows you how his death was portrayed in the show. A very calm feeling. A feeling of delusion and transparency.

Moving aside from that depressing paragraph, we now unearth the figure himself and…..well. He’s amazing. Although lacking articulation in nearly every way, the figure’s head sculpt really out-ways that. I really do think that the paint on the burnt side of the face is quite unique. It’s a glossy, cherry red tone with some instances of pitch white flakes around the inner jaw which are supposed to represent his teeth….or whatever is left of them. The only real complaint I have is that the right eye socket and inner jaw isn’t really textured. I mean, it would be amazing if we could actually see part of his brain and bits of his throat just like in the show. But hey, we’ll leave that to “ThreeZero” to give us that amount of detail. Another gripe I have with the sculpt is the hair. I honestly think the paint scheme is completely off. It’s a light grey, rather than a light black color. Again, I am pretty sure only I have this gripe. The rest of the figure is decent. The sculpt of the body is definitely accurate to the way he stood in his final moments, especially with him fixing his tie and such. Besides that, there’s nothing too special about him, considering I had the previous version which featured a normal head sculpt and a pair of glasses. Lastly, Gus comes with an epic background/diorama of a hospital room exploding. Pretty legit, right? He also comes with a tiny bucket of “fry Batter” which is just methamphetamines (meth) disguised as chicken.

Overall, it’s the best we’ll get until third party companies get a hold of this bad-ass. So, if I were to score it, I would give it a sold 7.5/10. I just think Mezco can improve on the head sculpt a bit more and give us some kind of articulation. So guys, I really do hope you enjoyed reading this and I’ll catch you in my next review!

– SunSpot


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