Jared Leto’s ‘ The Joker’ Revealed – My Thoughts

When Jared Leto, most famous for his roles in Requiem for a Dream and Dallas Buyers Club, was cast to play Batman’s most infamous villain “The Joker” for 2016’s most anticipated movie ‘Suicide Squad’, I and a lot of DC fans were quite skeptical of this decision. We were not sure, and we’re still not sure, if Leto could fulfill the role Heath Ledger perfected in Chris Nolan’s “The Dark Knight”. Honestly, we’ll just have to wait until August of 2016 to find out. However, until then, there are more important issues to address about his character appearing in this newly founded cinematic universe. More important things such as how he’ll actually look, and finally, after several months of teases and glimpses of his character in action, we have our official photo revealed by ‘Suicide Squad’ director David Ayer.

To be honest, the tattoos and lack of red make up really crush my hopes for this movie. Don’t get me wrong, I think the bleached skin, stunningly green hair color and grill-covered teeth definitely fit the character and his overall environment and back story. However, there is one major gripe that concerns me…the tattoos. Now, I mean no offense, whatsoever, to those of you that have tattoos or are fans of them. The only point I am trying to emphasize is that tattoos in general do not fit The Joker’s style. And, if he were to want tattoos, he would simply carve them into himself using a knife instead of going to a professional to get them. That’s just…odd for a character like him. It also depends on what kind of tattoos a villain like him carries. First off, you can immediately tell he has a tattoo of a stack of playing cards, signifying his personality and overall tone. With that comes a series of words reading “HAHAHAHAHAHA”. Now, that’s definitely reminiscent of his character and it actually fits the most out of all his tattoos because its very messy. Unlike the others, the letters and coloring are scrambled, or not precisely drawn. That was a smart idea and probably, in my opinion, the best out of the bunch. Moving on, we have a reference to Harley Quin, Mr. J’s wife/girlfriend. I could never tell which one she is…Anyway, the reference is quite simple and actually subtle. It’s just a skull with the infamous hat that Harley Quin wears on the top. However, what bothers me is that it is not colored black and red. In fact, none of these tattoos are colored in any way. That’s, if I’m being honest, a bit weird considering the kind of personality this psycho has. The rest of the tattoos are nothing to special, the majority of them are human smiles, teeth and just a ton of random/creepy stuff. However, there is just one more thing that bothers me. His forehead. Now, not the forehead itself, but the tattoo on it that reads “Damaged”. That really hit home for me because we know The Joker will be in costume during the majority of the film, but that costume does not cover his face, and neither does his hair. This definitely ruins the character’s overall look and attitude in my opinion. It’s just so out of place and unnecessary for The Joker. It’s as if he’s straight up telling us he’s crazy, and that is not a very “joker-like” thing to do. Then again, my opinion won’t change anything and, then again, some of you guys might like this drastic change for the character and that’s perfectly fine with me. I wish I can be like you guys.

Besides the tattoos, I REALLY like the new hair color. If you guys don’t recall;, Heath Ledger’s Joker had a very dirty and dark green hair color, which fit the tone of the movie. I remember some people were also complaining that that version’s hair was too long. And then they saw the movie. They never complained again. Leto’s character has a very short and blinding green hair style which is definitely reminiscent to the comics, which is what everyone wants, and that includes me.

So, overall, it’s a decent take on the character. I personally think the tattoos are a bit too much, but there is only so much you can ask for in live action superhero movies these days. Except for Deadpool. I forgot who’s making that movie, but they just don’t care about “realism”. And that’s what comic book filmmakers should do more often, just move away from the realism for once in a while. Well guys, the wait is at least over. The thirst has been quenched. Now, all that remains is the movie itself, or a trailer at least.

Anyways guys, I hope you really enjoyed reading my review/analysis/thoughts on Jared Leto’s new Joker look. It’s definitely a drastic change from what we are used to, but that’s what we’ll be seeing for a while now. I would really appreciate if you guys comment about your opinions below, it would mean a lot! And I’ll see you guys in my next review!

– SunSpot


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