Fantastic Four Analysis/Discussion — Marvel’s First Horror?

The two movies I am looking forward to most this summer is Avengers: Age of Ultron and Fantastic Four. I have thoroughly examined/analyzed every teaser, trailer, stock photo, featurette, cast interview and information either leaked by the director or possibly the writer. I’m like a junkie for these two movies, and I hope to bring my analysis to all of you in the coming days for both films.

Now that I have gotten that out of my system, let’s talk Fantastic Four and officially address the topic everybody is literally begging to know…..

Is the new Fantastic Four movie Marvel’s first official horror? Let’s talk about that!

To answer such a debated question…I think so. Or, at least, I hope so. And for those of you that are saying “Wait, wait, wait. What? No! They’re the Fantastic Four! Marvel is officially going down the drain!”. Well, hang on there. I know that in the comics the Fantastic Four were a pretty light hearted team and franchise. They have awesome powers, happy relationships and just overall great popularity from the city they protect. Except Latveria, those guys hate them.

Anyway, they’ve always been Marvel’s “fun team”, especially with those bright blue suits they wear….But there is one thing Marvel fans have always forgotten about the team, and that is there back story. Now, the Fantastic Four have had a variety of different back stories and relationships but they always tie back to the fact that they were involved with some kind of exposure to alien rays outside of our Earth, whether it be in open space or inter-dimensional expeditions to the N-Zone. In this case, for the new movie that is, we’ll be focusing on the N-Zone story, and it is probably the most interesting one out of the bunch.

As a child, Reed Richards (aka Mr. Fantastic) was obsessed with science, space and the probability of the unknown to being known. He loved it so much so that he began running tests of his own. Now, these tests that he conducted were not primitive by any means. He discovered the ability of teleportation at around the age of 12 years old. As child, his best friend was Ben Grimm (aka The Thing) and they would always visit Ben’s salvage yard and garage to progress in his scientific “adventures”. Ben lived in a poor family though, which is a definite explanation to why his family owns a worn down salvage yard/company by the name of “Grimm Salvage”. Now, we skip ahead about 20 years or so and Reed, along with Ben, are fully grown adults in their mid 20’s. And it is important to keep in mind that this storyline features a very young and naive Fantastic Four…until they receive their powers that is. Anyway, Reed has already found “answers to questions we don’t even know how to ask yet”. The military found his knowledge and ability to achieve the impossible a resource. And so, Dr. Franklin Storm (father of both Sue and Johnny Storm) brought him aboard. Some time later, Reed was ready to test his newly founded invention….inter-dimensional travel. 5 went in: Reed Richards, Ben Grimm, Sue Storm, Johnny Storm and, or course, Victor Von Doom. Long story short, things go south fast and it leaves all 5 explorers with extraordinary abilities.

Now, here is what I think happens in the move after that: Victor Von Doom is pronounced dead due to his body being consumed in organic metal. There was no hope for him. How do I know this? Well, it is stated in Trailer #2 that “4 have survived”. Simple, right? Well…he wakes up.

Let’s talk why this could be considered a horror movie, now that we’ve gone over the plot, shall we? The reason, I think, is due to how each character uses their powers and how they are transformed into the monsters they are. After watching both trailers, I think it is safe to say that when Reed stretches his limbs, and overall body, it hurts tremendously. Imagine, all your muscles, bones, ligaments and so much more being stretched beyond comprehension. And, in the trailer, it even looks like Reed is in severe pain as he is strapped to a containment/testing table. We all know Human Torch’s power, he generates fire. However, by analyzing the trailer immensely, I found a scene where Johnny is strapped to a lab table as he is on fire. He is screaming and is in much pain until a large burst of fire releases from his body like a massive sound wave of sorts. Just as Reed, the pain seems to be unbearable. With these two characters, although there is no blood and gore, it is just a bit disturbing how they are forced to live with this extreme physical pain and are unable to control it just yet.  I’ve analyzed each trailer beyond knowledge and I know the least about The Invisible Woman. The best guess I can give is that her ability to generate force fields and turn invisible uncontrollably messes with her mental stability the most. That and her hair turns more and more blonde throughout the movie (thumbs up). Moving on, to put things lightly, Ben Grimm’s transformation into The Thing is just hands down creepy, gross and just odd. Now, don’t get me wrong, the film is rated a solid PG-13 and is targeted for all audiences, squeamish or not. However, that doesn’t stop Josh Trank, director of Chronicle, from really hitting us hard with the most gruesome and most unmerciful transformation in the Marvel universe. We all know what happened in Chronicle, too. With a rating of PG-13, Trank was still able to add such a deep and creepy psychological tone to the film that just made us question who was good and who was bad. And for those of you that haven’t watched Chronicle just yet, I highly recommend that you do. Therefore, I imagine he’ll do the same for both Ben Grimm and Victor Von Doom. Now, Grimm’s process is obviously a bit more drastic than Doom’s, but Doom’s can still really hit home hard considering his insides and all of his skin are being replaced with organic metal slowly and painfully. Thusly, although The Thing’s transformation will not be shown fully, it will still be a disturbing thought throughout the film’s progression. Same goes for Dr. Doom.

Well guys, I hoped you enjoyed reading my analysis of this fantastic soon-to-be movie (Ha. Pun). I can’t wait till it hits theaters this October. I’m probably going to cry when I see it, just as I will for Avengers: Age of Ultron. Don’t be like me. Do not shed man tears. I love you all!

– SunSpot



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