Iron Man Mark 46 Image Released – Captain America: Civil War

To put things lightly….I am an Iron Man fanatic. Just had to get that out there. And so, today while I was in college, I nearly jumped out of my chair and started screaming when I saw the first concept art for both the new Captain America suit and the brand new Iron Man Mark XLVI (46) armor. Let’s talk about this!

So far, we have only two images. Both of which being concept art and not an official look at the suits themselves. But I think we can all agree that whenever Marvel or DC reveals concept art for a character, it’s pretty much identical to the final product. So, I think it’s safe to say that what we have here is a pretty close interpretation to the armor that will hit your local movie theater some time in 2016. Long wait, I know.

Right off the bat, any true Marvel fan would recognize this armor. It’s the Bleeding Edge Iron Man suit, and it’s a VERY different look than he’s had in his last five Marvel movies. It’s even stranger than all those suits seen in Iron Man 3. Now, don’t get me wrong, I did have the armor confused for a bit with both Heroic Age armor and Ultimate Iron Man armor, and I doubt I’m the only one. It’s definitely an interesting mix of armors and most suitable for fighting Captain America himself. Then again, obviously, Tony Stark WILL have more than one suit in the movie. Otherwise, it’s not a real Iron Man movie. So, expect to see armors ranging until the 50’s.

Anyway, I approve this armor. It is very comic accurate, especially with all those repulsors on his body, and it should compliment the Civil War movie with extreme precision. I’ll update you guys as much as possible on all of Iron Man’s new armors, Cap’s new suit and on Spider-Man of course. Now, before I head out for the day, the one thing I am just dying to see is Iron Man’s black and gold armor, which he originally uses to kill Captain America in the comics. I know we got a glimpse of that in Iron Man 3 with the Mark XX (20) Python armor, but I think that was just a light cameo. Anyways guys, I’ll see you in my next review!

Captain America: Civil War hits your local theater on May 6th, 2016.

– SunSpot





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