Star Wars: Battlefront is Spectacular

I think I’m in love.

All I’ve ever wanted was a Star Wars-based first person shooter. That’s it. That’s all I’ve ever wanted since the first time I ever played an FPS, which was Halo: Combat Evolved by the way. And finally, fifteen or so years later my wish has come true.

Earlier today, we got our first gameplay trailer and demo for non other than Star Wars: Battlefront, which, perhaps, is the most anticipated game of the year. Don’t worry everyone, it does not disappoint in the slightest.

Not only is this “soon-to-be masterpiece” a first person shooter, but it’s also a third person shooter as well! I nearly crapped myself when I saw that transition between perspectives. Oh man, and that closing scene with Darth Vader fighting your character, which was Luke Skywalker, was just a spectacle.

The game works like Battlefield, it has an almost identical engine. Which is fine considering the Battlefield engine is smooth, promising and stunningly beautiful. The combat in Battlefront is very reminiscent of Battlefield, especially once your character sprints and aims down the sites. Along with the fluid gameplay, transitions, vehicle combat and so much more comes the music. That’s right people, what kind of Star Wars game doesn’t have that iconic music that everyone knows about? I can’t name any. The music in Battlefront, just as the gameplay, complements your surroundings and engagements. Especially when you are playing as Luke Skywalker running around with a light saber in third person and just mowing down Troopers. Damn, that was satisfying.

Another new new addition was how your character, if equipped with a light saber, can deflect bullets back to your enemy and kill them instantly. All you have to do is spin your light saber just as they did in the films and it’ll do the job without any issues. Let’s talk visuals now. The game is developed by DICE, so, naturally, the game is ridiculously gorgeous. Everything is just so immersive: Your footsteps in the snow, the strong wind, destructible environments and so much more. The draw distance is stunning, the details on all the weapons are gorgeous and the character detail on both you and other players is spot on. DICE couldn’t have done any better, honestly.

Let’s get into some more detail now. The level presented to us was a very, very snowy map and an objective based around capturing and defending these base points, which, by the way, are points placed in several locations on the map in the wide open space without any cover besides some “snow trenches”. Your team, and the enemy’s, is gigantic and have a wide variety of weapons ranging from the traditional laser pistol to a rocket launcher with the ability to take down enemy vehicles and, sometimes, ATAT’s. From what I’ve noticed, it’s difficult to maneuver yourself around the map because of the harsh weather and overall environment, which is another sign that DICE was working very hard on creating a realistic adventure for their audience. And so, throughout the demo, we were introduced to a variety of races, weapons, vehicles (including the playable ATAT), and cover techniques. We even got a sneak peak at how Luke Skywalker can use The Force to his advantage in the battlefield. Damn, that was effective…

But why sit there and let me spoil everything for you? GO WATCH THE DEMO RIGHT NOW:

– SunSpot






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