Red Dead Redemption Playable on the Xbox One this Holiday Season!

Oh my god, I think I’m in love.

Red Dead Redemption is, hands down without a doubt, my favorite game I have ever played in my life. It is literal perfection to me, and I have been waiting years for it to come to PC. It hasn’t, unfortunately, but I never lose hope.

During Microsoft’s E3 Press Conference the other day, they have revealed that the Xbox One will not only have a fresh and new interface to explore, but we’ll also be getting the ability to play our Xbox 360 game son it as well!!! Don’t get your hopes up to high, it’s only a handful of games at the moment. Games such as The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and Halo: Reach. Microsoft said this feature should be available this Holiday season.

But, what about Red Dead? Now, it hasn’t been officially announced yet, but it secretly has in a way…

It has been reported that this fan favorite is leading the vote in the 360 games we want on our Xbox One backwards compatibility mode. Thank goodness, right? People all around the world, including me, are voting for this and it’s right at the top already. So, don’t worry Red Dead fans….your dream is not far off….

– SunSpot


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