My Thoughts on the Hot Toys Infinity War THANOS

Those Infinity War figures are pouring out day-by-day in preparation for, likely, the most anticipated superhero film of all time (or at least of the last ten years, give or take).

I must say, the figure is spot on – it captures the look and feel of the character we’ve seen in the trailers perfectly with little to no flaws. The tailoring is beautiful and the fact that he comes with two interchangeable left arms is really neat; I’m really glad Hot Toys did this because of course fans would want to pose the mad titan with the Infinity Gauntlet front and center.

He’s a big fellow, too. He’s nearly twice the size of a typical 1/6 Iron Man (usually a solid 12 inches or so). What I find interesting is that he’s far bigger than Hot Toys’ first run at Thanos (the one from Guardians of the Galaxy). I suppose the scale is…correct now? Sorry to you guys who bought the first run. But, honestly, the first one should have been in scale if this current one is correct. Thanks, Hot Toys…

What I find interesting is that the Iron Man Mark 50 is $407… but Thanos is $375 and twice the size?


Huh. Alrighty then.

Thanos is currently up for pre-order on sites like Sideshow Collectibles and Big Bad Toy Store. I doubt he’ll be in high demand, but anything is possible; it’s gambling. I suppose it depends on whether or not fans respond positively to the character in the film later this month.

What are your thoughts on this mad titan? Yay or nay? Let me know down below in the comments, ladies and gentlemen.


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